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West Midlands Later Life Forum

The West Midlands Later Life Forum (WMLLF) is a collection of people who meet regularly (usually quarterly) to consider, advise on, participate in and generally advance issues revolving around those in or approaching “later life”.  (Although not set in stone as age or birthday anniversary, “later life” may be considered as being pertinent to those who are aged 55 or over.)

Please click on the link above (in purple) for more specific information, or refer to the links within this web-site which outline and summarize the nature of these issues, where the meetings are held, and who may attend at and participate in these meetings.

2010 to 2015 government policy: older people


The good thing about a blog is that you don’t have to be in the same room to ‘join in’ in a conversation (or just to “listen in” on one)!

The Forum Blog, intentionally, is independent of this website.

This is the place to say what you think about anything to do with ‘later life’ and, if you wish, about those who are responsible for making ‘later life’ better or worse, easier or harder, a mile-stone or a mill-stone.  It is here where you can raise, discuss and develop issues between Forum meetings.  It is also, if you feel so inclined, the place to let off steam.  Join in the conversation;  start a conversation;  listen in on a conversation;  agree or disagree.

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What Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Washington, DC

Most legal professionals do not positioned their legal expenses on-line. The reason they do not is because commonly every case is special and there may be a fluctuation in prices between clients. However, you need to have a start line for DUI attorneys fee in Washington, DC. DUI lawyer value is in the main driven via enjoy of the attorney and the amount of training the legal professional has had in DUI regulation. The are a few other reasons price may additionally fluctuate between legal professionals consisting of the overhead of the lawyer.


When I speak of schooling I am not regarding law faculty. All attorneys ought to bypass the bar and so I am not speakme approximately the bar. DUI law is a place of law that calls for extra education past law college and taking the bar. Continuing prison schooling of the attorney is important due to the fact the laws trade and the DUI lawyer needs to be aware of the modifications. For instance, DUI lawyers need to gain knowledge of or “qualified” by means of National Highway Safety Administration Standardized Field Sobriety Course. This path is normally 25-40 hours of in magnificence preparation. It’s the equal elegance cops want to take to offer citizens the Standardized field sobriety check at the streets. Another instance, DUI attorneys may additionally take to develop their knowledge is going to the annual National training in Las Vegas as soon as a year put on by the National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers and National College for DUI Defense. Here a number of the first-class DUI lawyers within the usa percentage their information with other DUI legal professionals. Generally, the greater education your legal professional has the more you will pay.


Experience can only come via time. Yes growing older sucks, but via age comes expertise. Just like it takes a young doctor years before he may be polished and skilled in his subject – the same applies to legal professionals. It is tough for a legal professional to pop out of regulation faculty and start trying DUI cases because there is a stage of complexity to them. As you may know there are a lot of attorneys inside the Country. Just because the legal professional has a license to practice inside the Courts does no longer suggest she or he has the experience to deal with every sort of case. Generally, the more revel in your legal professional has the extra you’ll pay.

Office and Overhead

This is the location you may by no means pay attention the legal professional talk approximately with the consumer. However, the truth is the patron will pay the overhead fee of the DUI attorney. The attorney can do paintings cheaper and faster if he or she is the usage of generation to shift fee. For example, a legal professional must offer documents to his or her patron; but, sending via the mail is gradual and fee more. Using the internet and a closed portal gadget the attorney can talk with the purchaser, offer dates, percentage files, and talk with the consumer extra successfully and shop cash. If your lawyer continues to be the usage of paper and mailing documents he is costing you extra money. Times have modified and DUI attorneys want to be greater green with their productiveness. The different a part of the legal professional’s overhead is workplace space. This is in which the cost of the 2 similarly lawyers differentiate. If the legal professional has to pay for marble flooring and highly-priced workforce then he shifts the value to you. We understand a few clients sense as even though if he has stunning marble flooring and delightful paintings at the wall then he ought to be suitable. This is not vital genuine. Remember, that is your dollars at paintings. Without query, the more your lawyer will pay for his overhead, the greater you may pay for his carrier.

So what must you pay for a good DUI lawyer in DC

Like maximum city court houses, the dockets are crowded and so a lawyer spends greater time looking ahead to cases to be referred to as that’s why the value of a DUI in DC price extra than say in a rural courthouse. In the District of Columbia there’s a naked minimum of two court appearances for DUI instances. Below are estimates for usual fee of a DUI attorney in DC. Ralph Nichols Chesapeake

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Corporate Diwali Gifts – Some Useful Tips

Diwali is the quality time to cherish relationships and create new bonds with buddies and associates. The Indian company world celebrates this competition of lighting in a completely unique way. Most of the groups seize the possibility to rebuild enterprise members of the family with customers and create new members of the family with prospective clients by way of pampering them with gift hampers of different sorts.

Interesting Ideas for Corporate Diwali Gifts

As the markets are flooded with modern-day and delightful present gadgets for the festive season, it is able to be quite a difficult assignment to select the right kind of present for colleagues and clients. However, the subsequent sections will highlight a number of the most cute gift thoughts for the festive season.

Best Diwali Gifts 2019: Most of the corporate gifts include lovely and high priced gift hampers. These gift merchandise include scrumptious candies, dry fruits, fruit juices, biscuits and diyas. Some of the present hampers include costly objects including statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Choosing presents for colleagues and customers is quite an extraordinary concept because it consists of a group of considerate gifts.

Stationery items: Choosing stationery items, with employer emblem, as company present is any other fantastic idea as it can help to promote the enterprise of the organisation as well as build strong commercial enterprise family members with clients. Items together with calendars, bookmarks, coasters, enterprise organizers and so forth can also be considered as perfect presents for this festive season.

Dry fruit abate: Diwali is a time to give and get hold of dry fruit gift hampers. A kind of scrumptious and nutritious dry fruits are blanketed in these gift hampers. Dry culmination including cashews, dates, almonds and figs are blanketed in those gift hampers. Most of the human beings choose to give and obtain dry fruit present hampers because it lasts for a long term. Moreover, it’s miles considered to be a healthy meals that must be ate up during wintry weather season.

Decorative items: Various decorative gadgets consisting of paintings, putting bells, lighting fixtures, diyas with sculptures of gods and goddesses are a number of the most famous corporate gifts.

Crockery sets: Although a conventional practice, the majority still love to get hold of and supply lovely crockery sets for festive seasons. Corporate Diwali gift hampers also can encompass crockery sets as it’s far each specific and exemplary.

Silver List of Corporate Diwali Gifts for 2019 is the ideal time to present silver objects which consist of plates, tray sets, silver glasses, statues of gods and goddess in silver. Silver gift hampers are some of the exceptional priceless gifts one may want to pick as corporate gifts.

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